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About Us

Systellar Innovations, is a technology firm by IIT-ians with core focus on offering advanced and reliable Solar and other energy efficient products. Our products act as the brain in any Solar installation, with Solar panels and batteries being the passive components. So, we constantly strive to provide innovative features in our products, which help in maximum utilization of available Solar power while extending overall system life. With more than 5 MW of Solar panels installed with our products till date and 100% customer satisfaction levels, we feel that we provide unique value to our customers. So, if you are someone who cares about Solar product features, efficiency & reliability, then SYSTELLAR products will truly delight you. We will always keep on innovating and coming out with products which surpass your expectations.


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Our product & Service range includes

Our products are designed and manufactured in-house. We install, maintain and service solar energy solutions for our customers in North India and market these products across India through our dealer network.


Research & Development Lab

The company has its own well equipped R&D lab. with qualified and experienced engineers from IIT and other prestigious colleges. Systellar R&D department is involved in developing innovative solar products which suit Indian conditions. We aim to provide advance, reliable, and efficient solar products to all our customers at affordable prices.

Sales & Marketing Department

At Systellar Innovations we strive to cater to PV system installers, solar product traders and exporters with full zeal and responsiveness. We sell our products through our network of dealers and distributors, which is growing day by day. Systellar brand products are also available through online stores now. Our sales force is energetic, knowledgeable, sincere and strives to achieve Customer Delight.

Manufacturing Department

At Systellar Innovations, we follow manufacturing practices based on ISO 9001 standard and strive to achieve highest levels of quality. Quality principles such as 5S, Quality circles, Kaizen, etc. are actively followed in daily routine to enhance and maintain quality levels. State of the art equipment is utilized in the entire manufacturing process to minimize fault rates.