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Universal Battery Charger

Systellar Innovations is the only battery charger manufacturer in India offering a universal battery charger (UBC) that can charge Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4), Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lead acid battery (Gel and FLA). Just select the type of battery and let this amazing device do its magic. Universal battery charger can be used to charge car and 2-wheeler batteries also.

Gone are the days when Lead acid batteries were the most popular choice for energy storage. Today, Lithium battery packs are commonly used in consumer applications such as electric bikes, electric vehicles, solar appliances like fans / solar street lights / home lighting system / etc., power backup equipment, etc. Invariably, due to equipment failure the batteries require external charging source. In such times, universal battery charger is the perfect solution for battery charging – no matter the battery type. Universal battery charger offer amazing value to users in terms of portability, charging quality & accuracy and product reliability.

Universal Battery charger is a microprocessor-based product and based on high frequency design to keep product size compact. The battery charger comes in two models – UBC-5A and UBC-15A with maximum battery charging current 5A and 15A, respectively. Both the models are capable of charging the following battery types:

  • Li-ion battery pack – 11.1V (End of charge voltage 12.6V)
  • Li-ion battery pack – 14.8V (End of charge voltage 16.8V)
  • LiFePO4 battery pack – 12.8V (End of charge voltage 14.6V)
  • Lead Acid battery – Flat plate type – 12V (End of charge voltage 14.4V)
  • Lead Acid battery – Tubular / Gel type – 12V (End of charge voltage 14.8V)

Battery charger parameters

Parameters Universal Battery Charger – 5A
Model: UBC-5A
Universal Battery Charger – 15A
Model: UBC-15A
AC Input Voltage Range 140V – 280V
Battery types that can be charged 12.8V Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
11.1V Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery
14.8V Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery
12V Lead Acid – Flat Cell (FLA) battery
12V Lead Acid – Gel battery
Battery Charging current 5A fixed Selectable from 0A – 15A
Battery Charging modes Deep charging mode (For deep discharged battery)
Bulk charging mode
Absorption charging mode
Trickle charging mode
LCD display No Yes
Displays Battery Voltage, Battery charging current, Battery status
LED Indication Green LED – Charging indication
Red LED – Fault
Active PFC Yes Yes
Power Factor > 0.95 > 0.95
Protections Battery reverse terminal protection, Short-circuit protection, Battery overcharge protection
Surge protection 4 KV (Differential and common mode)
Inline protection 4A Glass fuse
Cooling Natural / Forced cooling

Salient Features

  • 100% Made In India product for Indian conditions
  • 5A and 15A charging current models available
  • LCD display shows battery voltage, charging current & charging status in 15A model
  • User settable maximum charging current in 15A model
  • Wide AC Input voltage range (140V – 280V AC 50Hz)
  • 4KV Surge protection and Power Factor > 0.95
  • Active Power Factor Correction in 15A model
  • 3 Stage battery charging for Lead Acid battery
  • Accurate End of charge voltage for battery protection
  • Rugged product design for long product life
  • Insulated battery clamps for enhanced safety against short-circuit
  • Launched by reputed solar battery charger manufacturer in India

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We are also developing 48V & 60V LiFePO4 and Li-ion battery chargers which can be used to charge Electric vehicle / E-bike battery packs. Our endeavor is to become a reliable battery charger manufacturer in India. Do let us know your interest / special requirements by filling the contact form, so that we can provide you the details once commercial production starts.