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Solar Power Plant

Systellar Innovations provides end to end roof top installation services for Solar Power plants both Off-Grid (with battery bank) and Grid-tied type (without battery bank). We undertake turnkey Solar power plant projects of 25 kW and above capacities and use high quality components to ensure maximum energy yield. Solar power plant is an excellent alternative to Diesel generator and helps reducing the electricity bills.

Solar Power Plant Types:

Off-Grid System: Off-Grid Solar power plants utilize a dedicated battery bank to store excess energy which can be utilized incase of low solar intensity or during night time. The presence of Mains supply from electricity grid is not a mandatory requirement in such systems. However, incase of both Grid supply and Solar energy availability, this system gives priority to FREE Solar power. This system is more suited for areas with erratic & unreliable Grid electricity supply.

On-Grid or Grid-Tied System: A Grid-tied system does not require a battery bank but the presence of Mains supply from electricity grid / Diesel generator is mandatory. As long as Grid electricity is available and Sun is shining, the appliances can be run directly on Solar power. If intensity of Sun rays is low, then some part is grid electricity is also consumed. Although this system is more cost effective than Off-grid system, but it is more suited for areas where Grid electricity supply is reliably available throughout daytime.

Project execution stages:

  • System design

    After collecting client requirements, our engineering team designs the Solar power plant ensuring high system efficiency & reliability and low system cost. We do not compromise on system component quality and leverage our technical expertise and extensive experience to suggest the best suited solution to our clients, ensuring lowest cost of energy and highest ROI (Return On Investment).

  • Material Procurement

    Once system specifications are finalized after consultation with clients, system components are procured directly from trusted manufacturers and vendors. Since this is the longest phase in any project, our professional approach and long term association with product manufacturers and vendors helps us in ensuring faster project completion time.

  • Installation & commissioning

    Our experienced installation team utilizes industry best practices to ensure safe, high quality and professional system installation. We believe that proper system installation is essential for long system life and optimum system energy yield. Once system is commissioned, the client’s in-house maintenance/electrical team is educated about proper system up-keep.