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AC Street Light with Battery Backup

AC Street light with battery backup is an innovative product launched by Systellar Innovations. The product is perfectly suited to pathway lighting in areas with frequent power cuts. The product incorporates Lithium-ion battery along with AC LED driver and battery charging circuit, to keep the LED light glowing even during power cuts. Also, a light sensor is included in the product to detect day & night conditions and operate the LED light automatically. This provides automatic dusk-to-dawn functionality and also helps in energy conservation.

Battery supplied with this light is sufficient to power the light for 4 to 5 hours (at full brightness) continuously during power cuts. Once Mains supply resumes, the LED light is powered through Mains power while simultaneously charging the battery. All protections are built-in this product for long and reliable product life. The light can work with AC Mains voltage from 110V to 300V and can even be installed in rural areas.

Area where AC Street light with battery backup can be used:

  • Pathway lighting inside apartment complexes / residential colonies
  • Boundary and internal lighting of factories / warehouses / godowns
  • Pathway lighting in banquet halls / hotels / resorts
  • Lighting of critical areas which require lighting even during power cuts

    • Keeps functioning even during Mains power cut. Critical activity areas will never become dark
    • Integrates LED light, Li-ion battery, dusk-to dawn sensor and high efficiency battery charging circuit for efficient working
    • Automatic dusk to dawn operation saves electricity
    • Battery overcharge/deep discharge protection for long battery life
    • Wide AC input voltage range (110V – 300V AC) for enhanced product life
    • Aluminum Pressure Die cast body (IP65 / waterproof). Perfect for outdoor use
LED Light 15W / 25W / 50W LED Models
AC Mains input voltage range 110V – 300V AC
Battery capacity 11.1V 6.6Ah / 10Ah Li-ion / 22.1V 10Ah Li-ion
Battery Charger rating & type 0.75A with 3 stage charging (Boost, Absorption and Trickle charging stages)
LUMEN Output 1600 / 2600 / 5000 Lumen
LED Dispersion angle / CRI 120° / 80 CRI
LED Color Cool white (6500K) or Warm white (3500K)
LED Driver efficiency >90% (Battery to Load)
Battery operating Voltage Range 12V to 14.6V
Light mounting height 4m – 6m above ground level
Space between light poles 10 m – 15m
Protections High/Low Mains & battery voltage, short-circuit protection, temp compensated batt. Charging
Temperature / Humidity Range 0 to 60 °C / 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Product Warranty 2 Year (Battery warranty 1 year)
Light backup time on battery 4 hours with progressive dimming depending on battery voltage
Net Weight / IP Rating 5 kg / IP 65
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 440mm x 200mm x 120mm