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Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lights with Best Prices in India

Systellar Innovations manufactures efficient & reliable Solar Street lights in India. Solar street lights provide renewable lighting source powered by Sun’s energy. Solar street lights do not draw any power from grid supply and are completely off-grid. Modern Solar lights can be installed easily and require negligible maintenance. We have been manufacturing solar street light in India for last 8 year and command 100% user satisfaction till date. We have been supplying solar street light throughout India and have an installation base of more than 50,000 lights.

Working of Solar Street lights

Typically, a solar street light consists of four components – Solar panel, battery, LED light source and solar driver card. Solar panel collects power from sunrays and converts it into electrical energy. The solar driver card (with built-in solar charge controller) facilitates the charging of battery using this energy generated by solar panel during daytime. Solar driver card also switches ON the solar light automatically after sunset and switches it OFF after sunrise. The battery undergoes one charge & discharge cycle per day. Various battery chemistries are used in solar streetlights these days (including LiFePO4, Lithium-ion, Maintenance free – Lead acid, Tubular – Lead acid, etc.) The solar driver card detects the day / night condition by measuring the solar panel terminal voltage. During daytime, solar panel terminals have positive voltage more than 10V, while at night/evening the panel  voltage is less than 5V. This way, the solar streetlights can switch ON /OFF at optimum time in any weather condition.

Types of Solar Street Lights

Currently there are three types of solar streetlights prevalent in the market:

  •  All In One Solar Street Light  : This type of solar light combines the Solar panel, LED light, battery and solar driver card into a single assembly. This makes the installation much easier as compared to any other model, and leads to lower solar street light price. Generally, a motion sensor detector is part of the light and helps in adjusting the solar light brightness. If there is any movement near the light, the motion sensor adjusts the LED to glow at full brightness. The light brightness reduces if there is no movement for more than 1 minute. This leads to better light backup times and longer battery life. Systellar offers AIO Solar street lights from 7W to 30W LED.
  • Integrated Solar Street Light  : Also known as, Two-in-One model, this type of solar streetlight is supplied in two parts – Solar panel and solar LED luminary with battery. The solar panel is mounted on the pole independently of the solar light; it can be aligned to exact south facing direction, for best performance. The LED luminary contains the LED light, battery and solar driver card and is waterproof. Systellar manufactures integrated solar streetlights from 7W to 60W LED and can provide 2 days backup from single day’s charging. Optionally, a motion sensor can also be supplied with this light to control light brightness.

  • Traditional Solar streetlight : In this model, the solar light is installed as three separate parts. The solar panel is installed on the pole independently of the solar light. The Solar light is mounted on a light support shoulder and the battery is housed inside a separate waterproof battery box, mounted either on the pole or under ground near the pole. As the name suggest, this model was popular in early days of solar streetlights. This model got less popular as it posed the problem of battery being easily accessible and hence cases of battery theft were high. In addition, most of these traditional solar streetlights were powered using flooded lead acid batteries, which required regular battery water top-up. This led to higher maintenance costs and frequent faults as batteries ran dry. Systellar Innovations no longer manufactures this type of solar light.

Solar street lights are the perfect solution for illuminating pathways, campus areas, public places and remote locations during evening and nighttime. Solar street lights have tremendous potential in India and we believe that we have a reliable product that caters to Indian market perfectly.