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Sensor Faucet

A sensor faucet uses an Infra-Red (IR) sensor-controlled solenoid valve that allows the flow of water when a user’s hands are within the sensor detection area. A sensor faucet automatically stops the flow of water when the hand presence is not detected. SYSTELLAR sensor faucets are powered by AC Mains supply and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack for power backup. For the first time in the world, any manufacturer has incorporated re-chargeable Lithium-ion battery pack in Sensor faucets. Other options available in market require periodic battery change depending upon usage. However, re-chargeable battery in a sensor faucet is a game changer, making Systellar Sensor faucets the better choice.

sensor faucet

Whether it’s regulating water flow, preventing water wastage or inhibiting spread of germs/viruses, sensor faucets offer reliable & convenient solution that’s easy to use and control. Research shows that faucet handles are among the most bacteria prone surfaces in bathrooms, both public and private. Several people use faucets multiple times a day. The chances of contracting diseases by touching faucets are quite high and sensor taps help in minimizing the risks.

In the present times of COVID-19 pandemic, sensor faucets help in inhibiting the spread of Coronavirus, which can survive on faucet handles for up to 5 days. Also, Sensor faucets help in saving up to 65% water that would otherwise go waste during the hand washing process and conserve as much as 3% – 7% of the water used by a standard household.

When installed in homes, sensor faucets eliminate the need for parents to ensure that children have turned off the faucet and assist the elderly members with dexterity challenges in washing hands. Their automatic shutoff mechanism also minimizes the risk of water wastage due to the faucet being left open either inadvertently or deliberately in commercial establishments.

Sensor faucets are common in public bathrooms, particularly in airports and hotels, where they help reduce water consumption and risk of contracting disease-causing pathogens. They can also be found in kitchen and washroom of private residences and offices. Other application areas of sensor tap are hospitals, laboratories, factories, restaurants, school canteens, universities, places of worship, railway stations, etc.

Why choose Systellar Sensor Faucet over other reputed brands
Comparison criteria Systellar Other reputed brands
Country of origin 100% Made in India product including sensor electronics, faucet body and solenoid valve Mostly imported from China
Battery type Re-chargeable battery included with product. Does not need to be replaced Use 4 no. of AA type cells which need to be replaced periodically. Also, batteries are not provided with the product
Cost of servicing Low cost of service as the electronics is manufactured by Systellar High cost of service, since brands charge premium prices for service parts
Warranty period for electronics 18 months 12 months
Customization of features for projects We can supply customized items for bulk supply No customization provided since most brands do not own the electronics technology

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Sensor Taps / Touchless Wall Taps

A Sensor Tap helps a user access tap water for drinking or hand washing purposes without the need to touch the tap. A sensor tap uses an Infra-Red (IR) sensor-controlled valve that allows or restricts the flow of water by detecting the presence of user’s hand within the sensor detection area. Research shows that tap handles are among the most bacteria/virus prone surfaces. A tap is used multiple times a day by several users. Sensor Taps help promote hygiene and mitigate spread of infectious diseases and are especially relevant in present times of Corona virus. With the re-opening of schools / institutions / offices with hundreds of users requiring access to water every day, Sensor taps can play an important role in keeping everyone safe.

sensor tap

SYSTELLAR offers India’s most advanced Sensor based wall tap. Unlike similar products available in the market, SYSTELLAR sensor faucets are 100% MADE IN INDIA with indigenous technology and components. We take pride in contributing to the Make in India movement with this offering.

As an exclusive feature, SYSTELLAR sensor faucet range comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for backup power in addition to AC Mains supply. This eliminates the need for regular battery replacement, as is required in all other AA cell-powered products, and truly requires minimal maintenance.

Salient Features:

  • AC + DC operation for better performance and satisfaction
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery based product
  • 100% Made in India product with Indian components
  • Enhanced hand detection technology – Responsive hand detection every time
  • Chrome plated Brass spout and fittings for durability
  • Completely water proof design and safe for use with AC power
  • Low service cost

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