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Payment Sound Box

Systellar Innovations has developed technology for Payment Sound Box in India. We are working with various payment banks to launch payment receipt announcement systems for retail counters in India. Working on GPRS communication, payments sound box help fin-tech firms in increasing their visibility and market reach at an affordable cost. Systellar is also manufacturing the product in India.

Product features include:
  • GPRS based cloud communication using 2G or 4G SIM card
  • QR code payment integration with payment banks
  • Loud 85 dB sound output for clear communication
  • Real time sound notification of payments received
  • More than 24 hour battery backup for uninterrupted usage
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Functionality to play audio voice alerts for new offers / marketing campaigns
  • Functionality to upload & delete files using OTA updates
  • Merchants can easily change voice alert languages in their sound box
  • Optional LCD display feature to show received amount
  • Optional dynamic QR display
  • Customized product design with branding of payment bank

What is a Payment Sound Box?

Payment sound box is an innovative solution which promotes ease of online transaction at retail counters. These days various e-payment apps are used by consumers to make payment at retail counters. A sound box is a portable battery operated device which sits on the counter of a retailer. A customer can scan the QR code provided on this device and make the payment. A sound box provides voice alert for the payments received. This not only facilitates efficient working, but also eliminates any chances of fraud by the customer.

How does a Payment Sound Box work?

A payments sound box has a SIM card fitted inside. 2G or 4G GPRS network is used for communication between the sound box and payment bank’s cloud server. Whenever any payment is received in the bank account associated with a sound box, a message is sent by the cloud server to this device and a voice alert is generated. A sound box does not require wi-fi or bluetooth signal. It can function anywhere with mobile connectivity. This makes payments sound box a perfect solution for payment confirmation in cities as well as villages. Since the device works on battery, it can even function during power-cuts. Sufficient battery backup is provided so that the device can function for around 12 – 15 hours continuously on a single charge.

Why is a Payment Sound Box required?

  • Generally, any vendor is too busy to verify the authenticity of each online payment during working hours. Sometimes, customers can cheat the vendor by showing saved screen shots of transaction confirmation screen on their mobile phones.
  • In other scenario, even if the customer has transferred the payment, the vendor has to wait sometime to receive the confirmation SMS. A sound box can eliminate this unnecessary waiting period.
  • Also, not every vendor is comfortable handling a smartphone and can easily rely on a sound box to verify payment receipt.
  • Sometimes the store owner is not available on the counter to verify payment receipt. In such cases, any shop employee is unable to verify online payment receipt. A sound box comes handy in such scenarios for smooth working of the store.

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