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Solar Street light with remote monitoring

Government departments all over India frequently float tenders to supply, install and maintain a large number of Solar Street Lights in rural and semi-urban areas. Often the number of SSL required is large and can easily be 10,000 to 100,000. Normally these tenders require the supplier to maintain the SSLs for a period of 5 years. While individual SSL’s can be installed against these tenders, maintaining them for a period of 5 years is a challenging task. It is desired to have a central control room to monitor the health of all these lights and take preventive action to prevent failures. Providing data link from each solar light to a central server is very expensive. Systellar has come out with a cost effective Solar street light with remote monitoring to meet this need.

Components of this solution:

  • Advanced Solar Street Light with remote monitoring SSL-32 in 12W / 15W / 18W rating
  • Remote-control cum data recorder RC-2304 which can monitor about 200 lights
  • Central SSL Cluster Management software

Advanced Solar Street Light SSL-32:

  • High efficiency LEDs offering more than 130 Lumens output per watt of input
  • Dual LED drivers and LED arrays so that any failure in one LED driver or the LED array will not result in SSL failure. (Optional)
  • 12.8V nominal LiFePO4 battery of suitable size to support illumination for several nights even during cloudy days.
  • High efficiency 6A or 8A MPPT charge controller
  • 2 stage battery charging – Bulk & Trickle charging
  • Dusk to dawn automatic sensing using solar panel
  • 5 time zones: Time zones 1 and 2 are aligned with the dusk time. Time zones 4 and 5 are aligned with the dawn time and Time zone 3 can be of flexible duration. During winters when the nights are long, time zone 3 will become of longer duration and during summer when the nights are shorter, time zone 3 will also be of shorter duration.

  • Battery charging & low battery indication
  • Protections:
    • Battery and panel reverse polarity protection
    • Battery overcharge protection
    • Battery low cut off and automatic restore protection
    • Load short-circuit protection
    • Load open-circuit protection
  • Automatic recharge of a deep discharged battery which has been turned off by its internal BMS from the solar panel
  • No load current: Less than 20 mA
  • IR communication with a Remote Control RC-2304 for:
    • Reading the current settings
    • Reading the current running parameters
    • Changing the settings
  • 5 year warranty

Remote control RC2304 features:

  • One RC2304 is sufficient to manage about 200 SSL
  • 24 char x 8 rows backlit graphical LCD
  • 24 key membrane keyboard
  • 128MB SD Card to store data of each light as it is read from the light
  • Optional GPS location sensor
  • Optional real time transfer of data to a central location over GSM network.

Central SSL Cluster Management software:

  • Web based software to centrally monitor the health of up to 100,000 Solar Street Lights in the field