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Systellar Innovations

Advanced And Reliable Energy Efficient Products

Systellar Innovations, is a technology firm by IIT-ians with core focus on offering advanced and reliable energy efficient products. Our products act as the brain in any Solar installation, with Solar panels and batteries being the passive components. So, we constantly strive to provide innovative features in our products, which help in maximum utilization of available Solar power while extending overall system life.

With more than 10 MW of Solar panels installed with our products till date and 100% customer satisfaction levels, we feel that we provide unique value to our customers. So, if you are someone who cares about Solar product features, efficiency & reliability, then SYSTELLAR products will truly delight you.


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Come explore the rewarding and endless potential of Solar energy with us !

No 1 All In One – Solar Street Light manufacturer with completely indigenous technology

Widest Range of Solar charge Controllers and Solar Street Lights in India

We believe in long term association and always work in transparent manner

In house R&D manufacturing capability ensures consistent product quality

We do not compromise on quality no matter what

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