MPPT High Voltage Solar charge controller

High voltage MPPT charge controllers offer wide input voltage range from Solar panel array and help in harnessing 15% to 25% more power as compared to PWM charge controllers. With programmable features and large LCD display, the product offers best in class features and uses latest technology. Combined with any regular inverter, MPPT charge controller offers a highly cost effective alternative to expensive Solar PCU available in market. Perfectly suited for use at Petrol Pumps / Institutes / Schools where bigger inverters are already installed. Product features include:

  • Selectable battery bank voltage for charging 48V to 240V battery bank
  • High input voltage (upto 750V DC) from Solar panel array
  • Maximum battery charging current 50A
  • IGBT based robust design with 32 bit microprocessor
  • 24 x 8 big LCD display for detailed information
  • Supplies Solar power directly to connected inverter. PCU type functioning even with normal inverter
  • Can provide priority solar charging to Inverter batteries using Power Saver Box
  • 4 Stage battery charging –  Boost / Absorption / Trickle / Equalisation charging mode
  • User can set max. charging current and voltages
  • Equalising charging mode for battery banks
  • Protections: Battery over charge, Reverse polarity, Temp. compensated charging, lightening protection
  • Data logging facility through RS 485 port
  • 2 Year product warranty