AC LED Street light with Battery Backup

AC LED Street light with battery backup is the latest product launched by Systellar Innovations. The product is perfectly suited to pathway lighting in areas with frequent power cuts. It incorporates Lithium-ion / Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery along with AC LED driver/battery charging circuit, to keep the LED light glowing even during power cuts. Also, a light sensor is included in the product to detect day / night condition and operate the LED light automatically. This provides auto dusk-to-dawn functionality and also helps in energy conservation.

Battery capacity is sufficient to power the light for 4 to 5 hours continuously during power cuts. Once Mains supply is available, the LED light is powered through Mains power while simultaneously charging the battery safely. All protections are built-in this product for long and reliable product life. The light can work with AC Mains voltage from 110V to 300V and can even be installed in rural areas.

25W BBCL - PDC2 25W BBCL - PDC2 back


BBCL - Li-ion RBG - Copy

Typical applications:

  • Pathway lighting inside apartment complexes / residential colonies
  • Boundary and internal lighting of factories / warehouses / godowns
  • Pathway lighting in banquet halls / hotels / resorts
  • Lighting of critical areas which require lighting even during power cuts

AC LED light with battery backup